In the world of eCommerce, there are several ways to measure and evaluate your business. Visitors, bounce rates, CTRs, conversion rates, and micro-conversion rates are all relevant metrics to track.

However, there is one metric that greatly overshadows the others in value — Customer Lifetime Value.

In this blog…

Design your campaign with your users’ data

Studying your users’ data is important because this gives a clear picture of what item they are looking for, under what price range, and so on.

Based on these data points you can also design your users’ checkout flow to be optimized with discounts like a single-step, multi-step or promo…

In light of COVID, with an unpredictable duration of lockdown, businesses have been focussed on building their product and strategizing for a rebound.

Here’s a webcast with Priyanka Menon, Associate Product Manager at Purplle. Purplle is an eCommerce platform that sells beauty and cosmetic products.

Watch the entire conversation here.

Impact of Covid-19 on user behaviour

Here’s what happened..

Customer retention with incentives

Most marketers frown on using discounts to retain customers. Discounts are however, undeniably ubiquitous. From small businesses to e-commerce giants — handing out incentives to drive sales seems to be the in thing. And it’s somewhat obvious that discount campaigns help with fast acquisition. But what happens post acquisition? Are…


Save money with offers that convert more.

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